Why Kansas is Awesome

Whitney Clum, Reporter

After coming back from Christmas vacation after languishing on a silky beach in Puerto Rico or getting some fresh air upon a mountain top, Kansas seems rather dull.  Here is a short list reminding everyone why there is no place like home.

1.     We have Superman.

Clark Kent may not be real, but Kansas takes the spotlight whenever the Man of Steel pops up in comics, movies, or TV. The DC comic character was raised in the small Kansas town of Smallville, which means that Kansas has dibs on one of the most famous superheroes of all time.  I don’t know about anyone else, but my family knuckle-bumped when Superman told the general that, “I was raised in Kansas. I’m about as American as it gets,” in the new movie.

2.     Oz

Unlike other states that have issues with tornadoes, our tornadoes throw people into worlds with munchkins and pretty red shoes. Frank L Baum’s novel is about a Kansas girl named Dorothy who travels through the land of Oz with her dog, Toto in order to find the Wizard.  Nominated for six Academy awards, The Wizard of Oz is one of the most popular American movies to date.

3.     Pizza Hut

Not only did Pizza Hut originate in Kansas, it came from Wichita, making it extra special. Despite efforts to make sure this does not become an ad…Pizza hut is the best pizza ever. Those who disagree clearly have never attended a sleepover where your so-called friends dare you to drink something so bad you don’t think you will ever be able to taste anything again and then you bite into an absolutely gorgeous piece of Canadian bacon…bliss. Pizza hut is not the only business to originate in Wichita and do well. Taco Tico, White Castle, and Freddy’s are other Wichita restaurant alumni.

4.     Dennis the Menace

If you have ever picked up a newspaper…ever..you have probably met the lovable mischievous boy that is the namesake of the comic strip that was the basis for several TV series and  movies. However, you may not have known that Dennis the Menace is supposed to live in Wichita Kansas. To be precise, he lives on 2251 Pine Road.  Fun act: For a while, Dennis the Menace was DQ’s mascot. He is just that awesome.

5.     Sedgwick County Zoo

Without trying to brag, we have one of the best zoos in the country.  The Sedgwick Country Zoo is ranked nationally, participates in multiple breeding programs, and just keeps getting better. Over 400 species of animals including red pandas, tigers and penguins  call the zoo home. Currently, it is ranked as Kansas’s number one outdoor family destination.