Letter to the editor: Bear Buddies plead with Northwest students

December 12, 2013

Dear Editor,

We are Northwest students from B1 and B5. Each morning we have breakfast in the commons area after classes have begun. We notice a lot of trash still on tables and floors, and we often have to clean off tables in order to have a place to eat. During our lunch we witness students throwing food. We also notice messes in the locker banks around our lockers. We sometimes wonder what the students’ homes look like. Do they leave a mess where they live? Who cleans up after them at their house?

We have agreed to assist the cafeteria staff by cleaning the lunchroom after first lunch. We have discovered that there are many students who make our jobs easier by picking up after themselves and throwing their trash in the trash cans; however, there are a few who seem to completely disrespect the school by getting up and leaving their areas without cleaning up after themselves.

As a group, we work hard to follow Northwest’s motto of “Pride, Excellence and Respect”. We are saddened that enough people choose to not follow the creed and leave our commons’ area a mess after breakfast and first lunch. We would like to ask for you assistance in helping us to keep the commons’ area clean. If you see someone get up to leave just ask him or her to take a second and put his or her trash in its proper place. If we all work together we can help make Northwest a school we can all be proud of.

Thank you,

Northwest Bear Buddies