One acts highlight drama students’ humorous side


The drama department never ceases to amaze me.

Upon attending the second night of one acts on Saturday, Nov. 23, this is the thought that crossed my mind.

The student-directed (and sometimes student-written) one acts featured students, who were mostly freshmen and sophomores, who performed skits that lasted around 20 minutes each.

Each performance was absolutely hysterical. “The Real Problem,” which was directed by junior Elizabeth Kramer, had me in tears.

Countless evenings spent in rehearsal, hours spent memorizing lines, innumerable adjustments made to lighting and sound, and more was devoted to making the one acts a success. And indeed, a success it was.

So while I’m enjoying my evening filled with laughter, I find myself wondering: Why aren’t there more people here?

Time after time, theatre productions leave me in awe. Personally, I think students who aren’t at these drama events are missing out.