Review of Uncle Joe’s Pizzeria

Kori Kotara, Reporter

Uncle Joe’s Pizzeria recently opened across the street from Northwest High School, where Talliano’s Pizzeria was previously located.


Like any other average teenagers, a friend and I were hungry after school, so we decided to go try this new place out.


Walking into the pizzeria shortly after school, we saw that it was very, very slow… But it is still very new, so not many people have heard much about it. Being the only people in the pizzeria at this time, though, we got to talk to the owner a little bit about the restaurant.


The owner asked if we were students from Northwest, and, of course, we told him yes.


He asked what time our lunches start. “First lunch starts at 10:47 and second lunch starts at 12:14,” we told him. He said he thought it was pretty early, but was considering opening up the pizzeria around 10:30 instead of 11:00 so students could venture across the street for some pizza for lunch. He was always ready to open at that time anyway. Since the pizzeria is still fairly new, it would be a good start to getting a little more business.


As for the food?

There is a salad bar, pizza buffet, pasta, calzones, anything you’d expect to see at a pizza place. They’ll even ask you if you have any special requests for pizzas for the buffet! I personally think the pizza is great, but the customer service could use some work. To the girl that took my order, please try not to look so mad next time.