Web Series Wins an Emmy

Whitney Clum, Reporter

It is a truth universally acknowledged that excellent forms of entertainment must be in need of an award. In this case, the excellent form of entertainment was the Youtube series The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, and the award was an Emmy.

The web series is based on the Jane Austen novel Pride and Prejudice, except it takes place in the modern day. Elizabeth “Lizzy” Bennet records her thoughts on the people around her, her sister’s romantic relationships and has the occasional rant about Mr. Darcy. Some storylines are absolutely hilarious such as ‘The Green Bean Gelatin Plan, Episode 19’. In that particular episode, in a convoluted plan to get Jane into Bing’s house, her mom makes a green-bean-and-cranberry jello, hoping that the forecasted rainstorm causes the jello to ruin Jane’s dress, forcing her to stay over at Bing’s.  There are  storylines that make you click on the next episode as fast as possible. ( A good example is ‘Yeah, I Know, Episode 61.’)  Some of the episodes are just plain sad, like the episodes surrounding Bing’s reason for leaving to Los Angeles and anything surrounding Lydia and George Wickham. We all cried with Jane wihen Bing dumped her without reason and George preyed on Lydia’s insecurities-then took it to an entirely new level. (No spoilers!)

The acting was decent, with the actors who played Lydia Bennet (Mary Kate Wiles) and Darcy (Daniel Gordh) being the clear stand-outs. The script was done well, with annoying characters in the book actually becoming likable, and the villain, without a doubt, was despicable. You don’t even love to hate him. You just hate him.  It’s also just so…relatable. The script, timing, chemistry and acting really make characters out of a classic novel seem so real and I really saw a lot of myself and people I know in this series; the jerks, the crazy and sweet friends and a main character that I saw a lot of myself in. Someone who is serious, driven, outspoken

Overall, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries has done explosively well. When the last episode went up, it had 46 million views. The DVD launch went well above its intended total, and it did well enough to have spin-offs. The sequel is also now out: Emma Approved.  Personally, I usually don’t watch something if there are no swords, aliens or action, but the Lizzie Bennet diaries held my attention, so it would probably hold anyone’s else’s. So, go ahead and see what got a web series enough attention to get an Emmy.  Watch, get obsessed and enjoy.