“Annie Get Your Gun” performance a success

A chorus of cheerful greetings echoed throughout the Northwest Auditorium as dining car waiters with buttery popcorn, charming country accents, and bright smiles ushered in the Northwest Theatre Department’s opening performance. The performing season kicked off with Irving Berlin’s western comedy “Annie Get Your Gun” Friday, Oct. 4 and 5 at 7 p.m., and Sunday, Oct. 6 at 2 p.m.

Gun-totin’, sharp-shootin’ Annie Oakley falls in love with the star of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, Frank Butler, upon his arrival in town. Frank prefers a girl who is “as soft and as pink as a nursery,” however, much to Annie’s dismay. When Annie proves to be a better marksman than Frank, she lessens her chances of them being happy together even further. In the end, the two sharpshooters hold a rematch and Annie allows Frank to win the contest, but the competition ends up being a draw. Frank falls in love with Annie and the two sharpshooters get married.

The Northwest presentation of “Annie Get Your Gun” was, simply put, delightful. The charismatic dining car waiters before the show left the audience anticipating more country style charm. They weren’t disappointed- the chemistry between cast members, the adept musical orchestra personnel and the overwhelming talent of the performers created the most entrancing atmosphere. Director Richard Lundin chose cast members for the show flawlessly and the students executed their roles just as well. As Frank Butler and Company said, there’s no business like show business- and certainly none like Northwest show business.