Northwest vs Maize Lunches

Going from Northwest my freshman year to Maize for my sophomore and junior year, I could tell there was a lot of differences between the two schools, like lunches, and coming back for my senior year, I can see very little has changed from the two years I was gone.


Here, at Northwest, the 2 lunches here are 45 minutes long, counting the passing period, and students in grades 11 and 12 are allowed to leave for lunch as long as they prove when they come back that they are a junior or senior. For those that don’t leave for lunch and get school lunch, you go tell the lunch ladies exactly what you want and they bring it out to you. A lot of the times, there are students still waiting to get their lunches at the last 10 minutes of lunch.


Taking a trip over to Maize for lunch, there were 3: A, B, and C. They are each 30 minutes long, not counting the passing period. Unlike Northwest, juniors and seniors are not allowed to leave for lunch. The lunch lines work a little different as well. Instead of the lunch ladies serving you the food you ask them for, Maize’s lunchrooms are a self-serve kind of line where you go in and choose everything you want, then you go to one of the 3 or 4 lunch check out lines where they just scan your ID and you move out and sit down. Most students are done getting lunch and sitting down, not by the last 10 minutes, but by the first 10 minutes.


There may only be small differences, but they make a big difference. More organization in the lunchroom here at Northwest could save a lot of time. Can I do anything about that myself? Probably not. As a senior, I don’t eat lunch in the school anyway, so it doesn’t affect me in the end!