Editor’s opinion on students trashing school

I walk into school after getting lunch one day, and what falls at my feet? An apple with a bite out of it. I walk forward a few more feet and there is a half eaten pizza on the ground. I go into the bathroom and the floor is covered in paper towels and the trash can is only half full.
All of this really disappoints me. Not because of the disrespect for our school, but because of the disrespect for our janitors. Yes, the unsung heros of our school. The people who keep our school incredibly clean for how much we dirty it up. But yet we take them for granted by not helping them out.
The two worst places in the school that I notice are the commons and the bathrooms. In the commons it seems to be mostly food trash and this is very easily fixed by just simply walking your trash to the trash can instead of throwing it or just leaving it.
Another bad place is the restroom. Now I can only speak for the ladies room, but it is pretty terrible. Not only are there paper towels all over the floor but there is also tons of graffiti in the stalls. Now I know when most people write graffiti on the walls of the bathroom what they are thinking is; “yeah, screw the man, I’ll show my opposition to authority by writing stuff on this bathroom stall!”
But what most people don’t realize when they do this is who it really affects. The people that this really affects is the janitors who care how our school looks and may eventually need to clean this writing off of these stalls.
Another big problem I notice in the girls room is the makeup that cakes the sinks at the end of each day. Mostly from girls touching up their makeup throughout the day. This could be fixed by girls cleaning up their messes after they finish applying their makeup. The messy bathrooms can also be remedied quite easily as well by throwing away your paper towels, refraining from writing on the stalls, and by cleaning up the sinks if you have messed them up.
Now I am not saying that every single student in this school just leaves their trash lying around or does not clean up after themselves, but a few students are ruining it for the rest of us. So what I would like to say to those who are trashing our school, please try to be more considerate of our janitorial staff and clean up after yourselves. They aren’t your mothers, and I doubt your mothers would even like to clean up that mess.