“Devious Licks” at Northwest!?


The “Devious Licks” trend popularized on TikTok, is causing hardship for both students and staff.

Having to clean up everything that students have ruined is very difficult for all the staff. Replacing things that have been stolen takes money away that could be used for other things. Staff members say that this trend is childish and it needs to stop. 

“It is very frustrating as a school administrator to put up with the needless vandalism, the thought of somebody putting this out there on TikTok as the devious licks trend…motivates students to vandalize their own school. We don’t have a choice but to shut them down to repair and clean up,” Principal Eric Hofer-Holdeman said. 

Many students are tired of the inconveniences resulting from the theft and vandalism.

“I used to go to a school where we didn’t have toilet paper, soap and nothing. The fact they’re taking it away is making me a little bit uncomfortable. Some of my friends said someone stole a urinal and I didn’t understand until I saw it on tikTok and then I actually saw someone take warning signs,” Fabiola Finol-Colina (10) said. 

Along with stealing things, students are also destroying property and basic necessities. Jimmie Belden, custodian, says it makes his job harder trying to replace everything on a daily basis. Tiffany Hampe, math, also agrees that the trend is “ridiculous”.