Students explain what makes a good teacher

What makes a “good” teacher, or principal, or as a general statement someone who calls the shots is an open question. Some would consider a good authorizer one who doesn’t give much work while others would tend to consider one a good authorizer if they had them on their feet 24/7 and always had work.

“Hard work makes anybody a great candidate for any profession. When a teacher works hard to get you quality material that makes them a good teacher,” freshman Mia More said.

More said she believes that the main thing that makes a good teacher is their attitude and their push for motivation.  While some new teachers,  may tend to struggle with this, most are able to take the time to get to know their students well enough to understand what kind of workload the students can handle. However, when a teacher takes that extra mile to make sure you understand the material, that makes them outstanding. 

“A teacher that is willing to adapt to modern-day, even if they have been there for 20 years, shows that they’re willing to make the change for the better well being of the students,” freshman Elayne Logan said.

Logan said she believes she would rather have a teacher talk about what’s in now rather than a teacher who sticks to the “old fashion” way of teaching, which doesn’t really work nowadays. Logan said that because most teachers have a stuck mindset on how teaching can be, they close themselves off to improvement and that’s what stops them from being a good teacher because they’re not willing to improve how they teach.

“Most teachers don’t really care if you actually understand, some are just trying to make it to payday. The ones who choose to stick around for so long are proven to be a good teacher,”  More said.

It’s important to differentiate between the teachers who actually teach because they want their students to learn and the teachers who teach because they’re just there for the money, More said. According to More, when you find a teacher who is genuinely concerned if you are managing the workload given, that makes them a great teacher.

Each and every person has their own views on what can be considered “good” in this world but it’s your job to be able to identify why the specific thing you’re leaning toward would be considered to be a “good” thing or position.