October 5th Board of Education results

The board of education had a meeting to come out with new ideas for future plans with school and sports. Some important decisions were made. Here are some of the main statements/ decisions made that will effect high schools and high school students.

  • High School student athletes, including band, cheerleaders, and dance members will now each receive 4 tickets to give to their fans for games allowing family and friends to watch their student.
  • A decision as to if we will go back to in person learning or not will be made on October 26th. (remote learning will still be allowed if we do go back)
  • The end of the first 9 weeks will be on November 9th. This date will also be a “pivot point”. This means that if in person school is allowed then this will be a time where students will be allowed to transition back to in person school if they so desire.