Bullying assemblies

Although mandatory annual bullying assemblies have explained the same basic points every year, 2012 has brought on a new segment. Abuse among relationships has been added to the bullying presentation.

Administrator Tom Perkins feels it is too early to say if the new segment has had an effect or not but that it is definitely an issue.

The assemblies are held during English classes and last about 30 – 35 minutes.

Junior Paige Torres feels the bullying assemblies are repetitive and a waste of her time.

“They’re kind of pointless because no one pays attention,” Torres said.

Perkins, although aware of the lack of interest among students, feels strongly about the bullying assemblies and the need for them.

“[The assembly] keeps everybody alert to what is right and wrong,” Perkins said. “At least when you are told, it puts the thought in your head that it is wrong.”

New English teacher Brian Welter says that he thinks the bullying assemblies are a great idea.

“I haven’t seen any [bullying] so far, but I have seen people disagree with each other,” Welter said.


Words by Destiny Lee|Opinion Editor