Blood Drive Comes To Northwest


All throughout the day of Thursday, Feb. 10, students and staff members ventured out into the cold to the blood drive buses in the Tyler street parking lot. The Red Cross blood stocks have been very low lately, and every little drop helps save the lives of those who are need it.

A total of 67 students and staff members attempted to donate blood. From this group, 46 pints, or 5.75 gallons, was collected.

Some people like to donate every year; science teacher Lynda Snyder tries to donate twice a year “to help people.”

Many, like Brayley Bazzelle and 44 others, were first time donors.

“Mrs. Bloom told me if I didn’t donate, then I wasn’t a man,” Bazzelle said.

Lauren Ayres had donated once before, and said she was not afraid.

“[It’s] just a little prick and a reprieve from class. It’s good,” she says.

She also offers some advice to others who are hesitant.

“For those who are afraid, it’s okay. I’m afraid of needles,” Ayres said. “Just don’t think about it.”

Those who donate often recommend others do the same.

“If you can donate then you should, because it can help a lot of people,” Bazzelle said.