One in 1300: get to know Matthew Altgilbers

Matthew Altgilbers is a freshman at Northwest high school who enjoys academics. He enjoys academics  like history, drama, reading, and even studying things like military and politics. He has his thoughts on Trump, music, and movies like everyone else. 

Altgilbers listens country music and likes it over other music. He has a disliking for modern music. Altgilbers states modern music is artificial.

“Modern music just seems excessively artificial to me” Altgilbers said.

Altgilbers likes to read, learn about history, do drama, study military on the weekends, and meatloaf. He enjoys drama because he enjoys putting on theater.

“The class I am most interested in is drama because I very much enjoy putting on theatre,” Altigilbers said.

Like everyone else, Altgilbers has his thoughts on politics and Trump himself. He thinks Trump isn’t good at what he does but has some good points.

“Thoughts on Trump are that he’s really not good at anything he does, unless he’s creating chaos. He’s very good at that. Some more thoughts on Trump are that he was pretty competent as a businessman, but not as a president,” Altgilbers said.

Altgilbers is a fan of Star Trek and there is one movie he prefers.

“Star Trek VI is my favorite movie because it has my favorite things and tells a great story with them: sci-fi, diplomacy, and rogue generals.”