Is Trick or Treating safe?

2020 has been different and not what everyone had planned. There is one thing right now that people are debating over and that is Trick or treating. Should kids go? Should kids stay home? What are some other options? Everyone has their own opinions on these questions. 

Due to COVID-19 we have to take proper precautions to stay safe like social distancing, wearing mask, constantly using hand sanitizer, and staying inside. These things we have to do to stay safe is messing with Trick or Treating. It isn’t possible to Trick or treat and do what its necessary to stay safe. Angie Rodriguez-Guzman, a freshman, has her opinions on why kids shouldn’t trick or treat this year.

“I personally do not think kids should trick or treat this Halloween. Though candy is in packages it’s still unsafe because the outside of those packages is still being touched by the person giving out. Kids are going door to door breathing in air that isn’t safe,” Guzman said.

Matthew Altgilbers is another freshman at Northwest who has opinions on Trick or treating in 2020. He believes that it’s not safe and kids should stay indoors.

“I do not think that kids should trick or treat this year. It’s definitely not safe, children are irresponsible and don’t wear masks willingly,” Altgilbers said.

While trick or treating isn’t safe parents will still go to let their kids have some fun since 2020 has been a rough year. Guzman said that even though trick or treating isn’t safe there are a few things parents could do to make it a little safer.

“If they do trick or treat, always wear a mask even under your own if you have a mask costume. Best to wear gloves, and before stepping into the house either leave the costume outside or spray disinfectant spray on it before stepping into your home for everyone’s safety. I also think spraying the candy wrappers with disinfectant before touching them is a good idea,” Guzman said.

The safest thing to do on Halloween this year is to stay indoors. Guzman and Altgilbers both have a few alternate options to do instead of trick or treating. Guzman said you could trick or treat in the house.

“ Dressing up is still always an option but staying home is the safest. You can do a trick or treat in your own home, decorate it for spooky season, bring your family together, and trick or treat from room to room,” Guzman said.

Even though Halloween will be different this year it will definitely be something for the books. Halloween will be celebrated differently but memories will be made.

“As for what parents could do to keep it safe, just keep the kiddos in and buy them some candy. Instead of going out, they could stay in and watch a movie,” Altgilbers said.