Adventures in Europe

Senior, Tyler Grommesh, tells about his experience in Europe

The unique culture, interesting laws, difference in food and language, makes other countries much more fascinating than the United States to most people. There are many places you see in books and read in stories that  you have to see with your eyes to really appreciate. Tyler Grommesh, a senior, talks about the three different countries he has visited in Europe with a group from school.

The cities we stayed in and the countries we visited included Dublin, Ireland, London, England and Paris, France.” Tyler explained his favorite part of the was how rich each culture was and their overall diversity.

There were many places to visit, but Tyler picked out his favorite sight.

“My favorite bit would have to be the drive through the Welsh countryside. The views of the mountains and the sea were just the most spectacular thing you would ever see.” Grommesh said.

It is such a great opportunity to go outside the country, according to Tyler Grommesh, “You are always told that these places are out there and [that] they have harbored human civilization for a millennial,” said Grommesh. He was astounded about seeing these places in person verses in the pages of a text book. Seeing these attractions and stepping onto new soil for the first time made everything feel surreal.

Some of the more interesting landmarks and places he has visited include the Book of Kells in Ireland, the Welsh Castle, Tower Bridge and Buckingham Palace in London, Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

There was, inevitably, some flaws in the trip, “I don’t think I would go back to France simply because of how dangerous, dirty, and cramped it was,” said Grommesh. He shared a story about how a girl was forced to pay for something that the vender forcefully put on her arm. They were even warned about people who would pickpocket.

Based on Tyler Grommesh’s comments no matter the flaws it is crucial to visit different countries.

“I can’t honestly recommend going out of the country enough,” said Grommesh. “Even if you don’t think you can afford it, you should try to visit other countries especially in Europe at some point in your life.”