Before and after

What did transfer students assume about Northwest prior to becoming a Grizzly? How do they feel about it now?

Karen Galindo, Reporter

Samantha Gould, junior from Andale

Q: How did Andale perceive and stereotype Northwest?

“It was geared more toward all Wichita schools. They just called people ghetto and a lot of different stuff. There was a lot of racist people, so they called them other things.”

Q: Now that you’re attending Northwest has your perspective of the school changed?

“My cousin goes here, so I’ve heard good things about it. I came into the school already liking it.”


Rebecca Faelberg, junior from South

Q: What school did you transfer from?

“I’ve actually transferred from two schools. Last year I went to Buhler which is near Hutch, and the year before that I went to South.”

Q: How did South High students perceive and stereotype Northwest?

“It was more like, ‘Northwest is a preppy school.’ Going from South to here is really different, because it’s a little more preppy but not like ‘Oh it’s so preppy!’ It’s not that different.”

Q: Has your perspective changed a little bit since you’ve transferred to Northwest?

“Yes, I originally didn’t want to come here because I was really scared that I would just not fit in because it’s just a different school. But I’ve made a lot of friends and I get along a little bit with everyone.”

Q: Do you think that Northwest falls into the stereotype?

“Just a little bit but not completely. It’s not as preppy as people would think it is, it’s fun and not as judgmental but it’s also not perfect. There are still fights; I’ve seen more fights here than at South.”


Daytrell Nash, sophomore from West

Q: How did West High students perceive Northwest?

“They said that it was just a preppy school and uptight.”

Q: What’s the biggest difference between the two schools?

“Just the size of the two schools and the environment.”