I’m not smart, I’m extra-smart

Katie Dody, Editor

Advanced Placement(AP) students have it rough in their classes getting homework by the pound every night spending hours to complete. If students want to pass their classes the hours are necessary and helpful for when tests and finals come around to be nailed.

“It takes me about four to five hours to do my homework every night” says senior Mason Gibson.

Aside from the stacks of homework, being in AP classes have their advantages such as; getting early college credits and receiving in depth lessons from each teacher. AP students like sophomore Shanice Gitungo are not in need of going to their AP teachers during 9th hour advocacy because their 9th hour teacher also happens to be the teacher for their hardest AP class. “My advocacy teacher is my AP teacher” said Gitungo, “It’s really nice”.

Northwest AP students don’t tutor other students on a regular basis but are willing to help anyone who needs the extra help. AP students describe their classes as challenging and a lot of hard work. “It’s challenging[AP classes], overwhelming sometimes” said sophomore Vincent Tran.

Adding to the challenging classes students claim that teachers, students and other peers around them expect more from them because of the classes they are in. “Sometimes when I do something my teachers are like, ‘what are you doing?'” said Gitungo.