“A Dance Club, Yeah!”

Sophomore Duncan Scriven enjoys the music during the Fall Homecoming dance on Oct. 3.

Savannah Workman, Reporter

Sophomore Duncan Scriven feeling the music during homecoming 2015.

Being in front of a crowd can be anxiety-inducing for many. Make that crowd a group of high school students whose priority is often times seeming ‘cool.’ This doesn’t bother sophomore Duncan Scriven.

Scriven is the founder and president of the Northwest Dance Club, and he puts himself in this situation every Tuesday and Thursday.

“I just go with it,” Scriven said. “It’s more a feeling of calmness.”

Scriven was inspired to found the club after attending homecoming during freshman year. To this day, Scriven performs in large groups at homecoming.

“The first homecoming I went to I loved,” Scriven said.

His experience dancing has impacted him to where he steps out of his comfort zones and performs in front of large crowds.

“[I] love the energy,” Scriven said. “Usually I don’t function well under pressure, but I can most often tune everything out and focus on the music instead.”

Scriven is a hands-on learner and teacher.

“I’m more of an ‘I’ll show you’ person,” Scriven said. “Everyone has a style of doing a certain move.”

Chris Garza and Lindsey Wiggins currently sponsor the club of 14-16 people, including Scriven. They meet on Tuesdays in Wiggins’ room and on Thursdays in Garza’s.

“We just play different games and dance like at homecoming,” Scriven said.

Scriven often deals with students feigning interest in his club, but this doesn’t interfere with his love for dance.

“It’s not really a matter of fitting in,” Scriven said.