‘Fell into teaching’

New teacher shares his story on how his career started


Savannah Workman, Reporter

Peter Crevoiserat [Crevo] is the new speech, debate, and English teacher this year. He is new to Northwest but not new to teaching, having taught at West for five years and Curtis Middle School for three years after that.

His transition to a new school has been easier than most.

“Any transition is tough because you have to get to know all of your different co-workers and your boss changes,” Crevo said. “Custodians are different. Just about everybody that you interact with is different so that is always challenging, but it has not been too hard here.”

Adjusting to Northwest and getting along with other teachers has been easy for Crevo because teachers here have been kind to him and very welcoming.

“Mr. Alvarez is very kind and accommodating,” Crevo said. “Everybody has been really. There are even some teachers or administrators from previous jobs in the district, including Mr. Henning who taught at West while I was there.”

His passion for English started when he was 14 years old.

“I just chose the major that I felt like I would be best at,” Crevo said. “My best subject was English so I decided to pursue that and then eventually that led me to teaching. I didn’t actually start out wanting to become a teacher; it’s something that I fell into once I decided that I really liked reading, learning about reading, and teaching other people how to read.”

The person that affected him most in the English world was his debate coach in high school, Pam McComas. His first teaching job was being an assistant coach alongside McComas.

“I travel with her almost every summer to the National Debate Tournaments in a different city each year,” Crevo said. “She has always told me that she thought I would be a great teacher from when I was a freshman in college up until the day I started teaching, and she is very happy that I have chosen this profession, that I have decided to be a debate coach.”

The changes from his old job to this school has made him notice different changes around his work area.

“I noticed that there was a lot more carpet and I noticed that the school layout is a bit different,” Crevo said. “I used to be in a two-story building when I taught middle school and now it is one story that has a central commons area with branches for the different hallways.”

His passions also branch out to “Netflix and chill” with his cats Rudy and Louie. His favorite kids TV show is “Adventure Time.”

“I’m one of those adults that are like ‘cartoons are cool!’ so I love ‘Adventure Time.’ I have probably watched every single ‘Adventure Time.’ It cheers me up if I’m ever having a bad day.”