Senior prank regulations

Taylor Allen

After 8 seniors were suspended for what they called a senior prank, many are looking for answers as to what can and can’t be done. Senior pranks are glorified but never actually carried out because seniors are left wondering where punishment will be doled out. With the recent altercations, the question about suspension hangs over every seniors head. Administration heads have different opinions over how seniors should handle senior pranks.

Senior principal Walter Givens thinks that senior pranks are a thing of the past.
“That stuff is kind of old, like people taking others mascots and stuff like that. In this era, I think its time to move on from those,” Givens said. “It’s time to think of something more positive to showcase your school pride.”

Principal Gil Alvarez is more concerned with the prank being appropriate.
“You know, we don’t want windows broken, we don’t want stuff on doorknobs, something that would cause someone to get sick, stuff like that,” Alvarez said. “It’s been in good fun because the planning part of it has been a collaborative effort.”

Alvarez suggests seniors plan ahead with administration for the best possible results.

“Sometimes the intent could be in good fun but the reality is, it’s not welcomed when someone has to clean it up or it costs money to do so,” Alvarez said. “There is a fine line between the idea that it’s all in good fun versus the end result. I would ask somebody that has ideas to talk to administration about if it would be considered good fun and being able to find out where we draw the line.”

As long as there is no specific group being victimized, no serious harm being done, and proper communication, seniors have every right to go ahead with a senior prank.
“The more transparent as possible, both sides working together, the better it is,” Alvarez said.