Prom changes venue

After a long tradition of prom being held at the Cotillion, there are expected changes to come in 2015. This year’s prom is going to held at the Scottish Rite Center located near downtown Wichita.

“We wanted a more updated, classier place. Really, it was spearheaded by Mr.Givens, being as he is the senior class principal, he wanted to have it somewhere nicer.” said junior class sponsor Brian Latta.

The Scottish Rite building is cheaper to rent than The Cotillion. The Cotillion was $2,000 to rent with an additional 3 dollars per person, totaling at $3,600. The Scottish Rite Center is about $2,700 after additional charges. Including the DJ and decorations, prom is estimated to cost around $7,000. This years decorations are being made by the Northwest Stagecraft; they will receive payment for their contributions.
“I think we spent a little more money last year on the overall prom decorations so we are actually starting off with less money than we have in the past. “ junior class sponsor Angela Mcdonald said

Prom is being held on an earlier date due to the only other option at the Rite center being Easter weekend. Other venues such as the Abode and the Indian Center were discussed, but considering their venue sizes and other amenities, the Scottish Rite Center was the best option.
Despite the change of venue, other traditions will remain. Following the lead of previous years, the junior class makes up the committee that will plan the event. The theme for this years prom will be Belle Noire, meaning “black elegance”.