Friends show support after junior loses brother


via twitter

The day of 21-year-old Kaleb Bonilla’s funeral, Northwest students wore blue to show their support for junior Rosemary Bonilla.

The idea was brought on by junior Chelsee Cushenbery who then proceeded to organize the whole event. Cushenbery asked concert choir to help out by recording the group singing “We Lift You Up”, and sending it to Bonilla hoping to lift her spirits.

“It was after the funeral I had looked at my phone and saw the notification,” Bonilla said, “I was like, ‘Wow, they did that for me.’ I was just like, ‘dang that makes me feel good.’”

On Jan. 17, Bonilla unexpectedly lost her brother, Kaleb. Coming back to school she expected to be overwhelmed by her peers after the incident, but she realized she had more supporters than she ever thought.

“It just made me feel really good that it helped her, and her knowing that there are people out there that still care and are here supporting her,” Cushenbery said.

News spread fast with the help of Twitter and Instagram. It mostly started out with juniors, but then everyone began tweeting #Blue4Rose, telling everyone to wear blue in honor of Kaleb.

“We all love Rose. She’s been there for so many people, so I just wanted to try to be there for her,” Cushenbery said.