A date with a book

The library is now offering a blind dating service. A blind date with a book, that is.

To try to encourage reading, certain books are now being concealed in Valentine’s day themed wrapping paper, waiting to be picked up. Students are then encouraged to pick up one of the “mystery” novels, take it to the checkout counter, then unwrap it to discover what book they are having a “blind date” with.

The rules are simple: read at least 30 pages. When you finish, come back and rate your book on a scale from “horrible” to “amazing.”

“I really want to try it. It sounds really cool,” says freshman McKayla Siemiller.

The hope is that the draw of the unknown will tempt more kids to read.

“Books are important because they are real people’s stories, and you get to experience and understand another world, another person’s feelings and experiences. Reading makes us better people,” says Lizanne Minerva.