Music taking Wichita by Storm

Brianna Trotter, Reporter

Nervous energy was balled up in me, I took a deep breath and stepped out of my car. I slowly walked to the entrance that would soon change my life. I then made my way to Studio A, where I walked down the stairs and found the man who would quickly make me see music, and life, differently.

Micajah Ryan is probably the most famous nobody in Wichita. He is the person who is part of an industry that makes the music we love so much, possible. This was a reason for my interest in coming to Air House, to gain a deeper understanding behind the music. Air House Studio is an up and coming music studio with a ton of talent. They teach everything that you could possibly put under the music category, from drums to voice.

When I first met this man, I was blown away by the knowledge he expressed to me. He shared experiences with me about his crazy times in Los Angeles, and the meaningful times in the studio. Instead of taking music lessons, I decided to take an audio recording class they offer and that choice gave me an incredible experience.  From there he taught me how to set up an older music recorder and how to operate the sound board,  and how to “shape music”, as he put it. He has worked with some famous names, such as Gun’s N Roses and  Bob Marley.

With this experience, Ryan has learned from the people he has worked with and has been gracious enough to spread his light on the aspiring people who want to make their passion into a career. Air House’s main goal is to provide the tools for each student to discover his or her own unique form of expression, unleashing a wave of musical possibilities that will carry the beauty and power of music into both the life of the individual, and the community at large. So far, they are on the road to major success.

The music business has always been a hard business to get involved in and is a gamble regardless of what we think. With this, the people who have dreams about music that soar above and beyond are usually crushed because of the difficult path that is going to have to be followed just to see a music studio. This is one of the reasons that Air House is here; to show Wichita that it is possible to do the impossible. Which is one of the many reasons why I love it so much, they want to get Wichita on the map, and show us that Wichita is not as lame as we thought it was.