Tips for surviving the fourth quarter

Whitney Clum, Reporter

1.     Don’t even think about procrastinating. You may have been able to pull off three hundred point projects the night before in the past, but not now — not only do you not have recovery time if you flop, but with so many harder projects, you cannot afford to get bad grades on time-consuming but easy projects.


2. Study. Find papers from the first quarter and conduct a short review.


3.     Prioritize. During the week before finals — the week where we are all reasonably sure that teachers are cackling in a room over the amount they assigned us, and it is not humanly possible to get everything done — deal with the classes you have the lowest grade in. Then deal with the big projects; you can probably do worksheets during class or during lunch, whereas big papers are difficult to work on in another class.

4.     Take short breaks. In between two heavy subjects, read a chapter of a fluffy book that doesn’t have a plot that would weigh on your mind. Go on a run. Watch a 20-minute show on Netflix.

5.     Don’t mess with your eating habits. You need to have constants, so if you are on a giant studying binge, don’t decide that breakfast is a good idea at four in the morning.

6.     Caffeine. Although caffeine is not that great for you, and over time it actually lowers your energy levels, once in a while, it can work like a placebo. If you think you are getting an energy boost from that Sprite, you can fool yourself into thinking you are.

7.     Ask teachers for a look at what will be on the finals. That way you won’t waste time on stuff you don’t need to know.

8.    This is probably the most useful tip: find people who have taken the course you are in. Ask them about what you can do — experience is the best teacher.