WSU loss hits Wichita hard

A devastating loss by WSU in the March Madness tournament left much of Wichita and the Northwest student body brokenhearted after their game against Kentucky on Sun. March 23.

“Both teams played a great game, unfortunately the last shot didn’t go in for the win,” sophomore Danielle Kastner said.

WSU managed a record-breaking 35-1 season that kept Wichita cheering for more, “I was at the Northwest YMCA when the game was on, all the people would go workout on the commercials and as soon as the game was back on they would all run back in and surround the TV,” sophomore Jacob Gilbertson said.

Although they lost early on in the March Madness tournament Wichita is still showing their support wholeheartedly.

“The Shockers had an amazing season, they made history which no one in Wichita will ever forget,” Kastner said.

Wichita had one of the best records, coming from a small college in Kansas making people from all over watch.

“There is nothing to regret from this season, the team will come back even stronger next year and prove again what they can do,” Kastner said.