Valentine’s Loneliness


Taylor Webber, Reporter

Valentines Day, the day every year where people either feel loved by their significant other or the day where people stay at home wishing they were feeling loved. If you’re one of those people who is feeling a bit lonely this year, here are some tips for a better Valentines Day.
1. Hang out with friends, (lets be honest they’re probably just as lonely as you are).
2. Buy yourself flowers, and act surprised when you receive them.
3. Watch romantic movies and eat ice cream, crying when you please.
4. Go to Applebee’s and order the 2 for $20 menu all for yourself.
5. Dress up nice and take yourself out on a date to the movies.
6. Have your mother buy you a giant teddy bear from Dillon’s that way you have something to cuddle with at night.
7. Take a nap, (because who doesn’t love sleep)?
8. Throw a party with all the other singles and enjoy your night!
9. Go on a run to start getting that body you’ve always wanted.
10. Go out with friends and meet someone new because you’re way too amazing to be sitting at home by yourself.
These tips are to have a fun lonely Valentines Day, but Valentines Day is just another day in the year that you could spend making fun memories, don’t let feeling lonely bring you down this year.