Assmann Family Struggles with Cancer

Nine and a half months ago the surgery was not an option, but now it is. Many families deal with the symptoms and many times the tragedies from cancer. Sophomore Samantha Assmann’s mother, Sandy Assmann, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in March of 2013. Although the doctors in Wichita said there was no way she would make it through surgery to remove the cancer, there is a hospital in Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center, which specializes in cancer and felt like it is safe enough to do the surgery.

“When my parents first told me that she had cancer and her life expectancy all I could do was cry,” Samantha said. “I didn’t want to believe it, I still don’t want to believe it. I never really accepted it. When I first found out I shut down.”

In March Sandy’s life expectancy was two years, which really affected the Assmann family. Not knowing how long they have left with her.

“I have learned to appreciate everyday with her more,” Assmann said. “Not knowing how much longer I would have with her made me appreciate everything she does for me and my family. I’m even more thankful for her now than I ever was.”

Sandy’s surgery to get the cancer removed was planned for Dec. 12 2013, but before they began the surgery the doctor noticed her liver was not looking very good. Therefore before they could proceed with the surgery the doctors have to replace a stent, which will allow fluids to drain internally.

“It [is] nerve racking, exciting, scary and almost every other emotion,” Assmann said. “I’m scared to death I’m not going to see her again. I don’t want to lose her. I can’t lose her.”

On Jan. 9 Sandy Assmann returned to Texas for her surgery. After surgery the doctor told them that she was cancer free.

“When the doctor said the words ‘cancer free’ in a sentence … all I could do was smile,” Assmann said.

Sandy will be able to return to her family back home Jan. 25th.

 “I finally got my Christmas gift,” Samantha said. “I no longer have to worry about how long I will have left with her.”