Finality of finals

Palms sweating. Legs shaking. Arms tingling. This is it. It’s coming. There’s no escaping it. You cant hide from it.


Finals week.


For years, finals have terrified many Northwest students. Luckily for them, the Northwest finals policy has never made them take the finals if they are passing and have 3 or less absences. However, the policy may be changing. The new principal, Mr. Alvarez is thinking of changing the policy, making it mandatory for all the students to take finals no matter what your grade is or how many absences you have.


Some students are indifferent about the new policy while some are mad about it.


“They should make it required,” said Jordyn Bibbs, sophomore. “Because you have to take them in college and I’m hoping more kids here want to go to college after high school. Its helping you get ready for that because if you never take finals you never know what to expect. You will expect a big test but you don’t exactly know what kind of questions and what kind of things you have to prepare for.”


Some students feel that they should make it mandatory, but with some sort of requirements.


“I don’t think we should make finals mandatory until our senior year to at least prepare us one year for college to see what we can do.” said Caylin Cabral, sophomore . “If you have an A then you should not be forced to take it but if you can you can. But if you have an B or lower it should be mandatory no matter what because I don’t think absences matter.”


Some teachers are making their students take some kind of final in class.


“I’m making all of my students take the finals this year on the last day of class because if I can help them in some tiny way to make them take finals more seriously and not be scared of them then I feel that I think it’s important that they take the finals.” said Miss McDonald, history teacher. “Its not something to get out of or fear or hate it should be embraced by students to show the amount of information they’ve learned this year.”


Whether or not you have to take finals, don’t be afraid. They will come and pass. Just hang in there and remember, finals are not monsters in your closet.