What Northwest is doing for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time a year many people look forward to for either the turkey, family time, or just time off in general. Here some things students and faculty of Northwest are doing this year.


“I’m going to Louisiana for Thanksgiving.” – Cabresha Hardwell, senior


“For Thanksgiving, I’m going to the lake.” – Alex Bott, sophomore


“I’m not doing anything for Thanksgiving, because my family just don’t do anything.” – Linda Huynh, sophomore


“I’m eatin’ good food.” – Tyquia Vontress, junior


“I’m going to Nebraska.” – English teacher Bartsch


“We have the family coming in, and we’re going to cook Thanksgiving dinner at our house. All kinds of games and activities, we’re gonna shoot bows and arrows, we’re gonna shoot guns. That’s kind of what we do.” – Tech ed teacher Tim Smith


“I am keeping it gangster for Thanksgiving. I’m going black friday shopping.” Keith Crowder, junior


“We usually just move around, because we’re always like either at my dad’s house or my sister’s house. So it’s pretty awesome.” Jasmine Turner, junior


“For Thanksgiving I will be working.” – DJ Mowdy, junior


“I’m gonna go to Oklahoma, then to Texas to see my family and friends.” – Rachel Haulfer, sophomore


“I’ll be spending time with my family for Thanksgiving, but due to wrestling I won’t be able to eat.” – Jose Guadarrama, senior


“Nothing like amazing, just gonna be with my family, that’s it.” – Jeneve Rodriquez, sophomore


“I’m gonna be with my family.” Adriana Derath, junior


“I’m going to take my brother and sister to Oklahoma to see my grandma.” – Janessa Visger, junior


So load up on the turkey and Happy Thanksgiving everyone!