College Comparison


Kansas State University

Manhattan, Kansas

  • 4-year school

  •  Public

  •  Average high school GPA- 3.4

  • Highest degree: Doctorate

  •  Popular Majors- Animal Sciences, General; Elementary Education and Teaching; Marketing/ Marketing Management.

  •  Undergraduate Majors- Electrical Engineering, Bakery Science, Aviation Repair (Agronomy), Creative Writing, Architecture, History, Journalism, Social Work, Pre- Law, and Teacher Education.


  •     More than 200 majors

  •     Over 350 student organizations

  •   Abundance of classes, ranging from Harry Potter to studying hurricanes

  •   67% of KSU students gave the university 4 stars overall

  •   99% of all applicants are admitted

  •   Provides distant learning, study abroad, weekend/evening classes, and teacher certification

  •   Good with scholarships and financial aid

  •    ROTC- Army and Air Force


  •     Midwest

  •  Small town

  •    Very large campus (10,000+ students)

  •     On- campus housing

  •  Tuition is $6,936


So if you’re looking for that small- town feel, but a large range of education, Kansas State University is the place for you. Go Wildcats!

Out of State

Oklahoma Wesleyan University

Bartlesville, Oklahoma

  • 4-year school

  • Private

  • Highest Degree: Masters

  • Popular Majors- Business Administration and Management, General; Nursing Science; Religion/Religious Studies.

  • Other Majors- Music Teacher Education, Theology/Theology Studies, Psychology, Pre-Law, Computer Sciences, Human Resources, Marketing Management, Kinesiology Sciences and Exercises, Criminology, Accounting, etc.



  • Over 47 majors

  • Distant learning

  • Weekend/evening classes

  • Teacher certification

  • Large choice of student activities (sports, drama, newspaper, etc.)

  • 66% Admittance Rate

  • Federal work available



  • On campus housing

  • Suburb/small town

  • Tuition is $18,050


If you are unsure about your future career, this college literally has almost every occupation ranging from preaching to nursing. So if you feel like being adventurous and getting out of Kansas, this college is definitely your perfect fit!