Students endure long distance relationships on Valentine’s Day


Long distance relationships require strong bonds and trust as well as a great deal of honesty. There are many levels of long distance relationships ranging from a couple hours away to even countries away.

Most couples talk and see each other everyday, but for senior Aubree Howerton, just skyping every night with her boyfriend that lives in Tulsa, Okla. is what it amounts.

“We try to talk everyday and we actually get to see each other about once a month on a long weekend that we both have free,” Howerton said. “But we usually have to plan it a couple months in advance.”

Communication is important, but senior Peter Scheuenstuhl only gets to Skype with his girlfriend that lives in Germany once or twice a month.

“It is pretty hard,” Scheuenstuhl said. “It’s not as much fun as a real relationship but they can happen.”

Scheuenstuhl has been in his relationship for 14 months, six of those were spent in America.

“On one side, I’m definitely excited to go back and see her,” Scheuenstuhl said. “But on the other side I know I have to leave here and I can’t come back.”

Howerton says the hardest part about being in a long distance relationship is not being able to see each other on special holidays such as Valentine’s day, and seeing all the other couples walking around.

“I actually got to see him on New Year’s which was nice. I mean I’m just happy I got to see him, that was enough for me,” Howerton said.