1 in 1400: Allison Moore


 Favorite food is pasta.
Favorite past time is Ice skating
Favorite color is Turquoise
Plans on becoming a High school History teacher
In drama club.
Doesn’t Celebrate Halloween

Four and a half years ago, freshman Allison Moore was seriously injured in a car accident while traveling with her mom from Indiana to Ohio. On the highway, they ended up driving behind a semi that blocked their view of the sign indicating the ending lane ahead. As her mom tried to get over to the other lane she swerved the car, which caused a tire to blowout. The car flipped over and skid across the highway.
The impact caused Moore’s window to break, and her right hand ran across the pavement, tearing through the skin and bone. Moore escaped the crash with shattered bones and lost growth plates, and her mom had a bruise on her arm.
Still burdened with a cast, Moore has learned to adapt. Moore has had difficulty doing things such as riding a bike, typing and any heavy lifting, but she said after a while it just becomes normal. With her 10th and final surgery coming up, Moore’s emotions are mixed.
“I’ve had 9 surgeries and I am having a permanent surgery in two years,” Moore said. “I am kind of nervous, but not really happy because I’m never gonna get to move [my fingers].”
For the most part, Moore’s cast and dysfunctional hand has become a part of her everyday life.
“My brother said he doesn’t even notice it anymore because I function so normally,” Moore said.