The Time for Change Starts Now

The word unique is not special enough to describe Gabriella Holt. Holt is a freshman who advocates change in order to better our community. She supports organizations like Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ+. She supports such a community because they are not represented enough in this country. 

Holt says, “It is my job to stand up for those who do not have a voice in the United States.”

She was directing this towards the hate crimes that were going around in the country during the summer following the death of George Floyd. She believes that those who were peacefully protesting do not deserve the harsh treatments that they were given. Holt thinks that it is unfair to stay seated and just watch as people in our country are mistreated simply because of the color of their skin.

“I may not have a large following on social media, but with what I have I am going to make a change. That’s why I attach articles and information on how people can help on my social media.”

On a regular basis, Holt will post on her Instagram different ways that you can make a change in our community. Even if it is something as little as giving a like to a post, Holt says that anything will make a difference. This is because anything that might seem little to you will be huge for somebody else.

She went on to mention how she feels like people of color are not stood up for enough. Mentioning that age should not be a factor when it comes down to a fight about equality, something that unfortunately not everybody receives in the United States.

“Just because I am young that does not mean that I cannot help with the cause. I realize that Kansas is a calm state compared to others but that does not mean I will stop fighting for the rights of others.”

The last thing she noted was that she was not the only young person that is advocating change, and that she will not be the last one.