Behind ECA

The ECA program is a program that is a partnership with Friends University. This program allows for students to earn college credits throughout their high school years beginning the summer before their sophomore year. Students are eligible to apply during their eighth-grade school year and only 50 students are accepted per freshmen class. It is important to note that after eighth grade you do not get the chance to reapply since it is a four-year-long program.

This has been the second year that Northwest has done this program.

This question of today is: What do the students in the ECA program think of the program?

Myia Havey, a freshman, said she wishes she had been better prepared before joining the program.

“I definitely wish I understood the rigorous components of the program. I wish I would’ve been aware that it would be so difficult compared to middle school.”

She went on to note that the amount of work and how fast-paced the program is was something that took some time to get used to.

Elaine Logan, a freshman, said she wanted to be better prepared when it came to the emotional side that comes with being in the program.

“I wish I knew what the group was going to be like and who I was going to meet.”

Logan said that being in the program definitely has its benefits and one of them is how close the students manage to get since they are the only ones that truly understand each other.

Matthew Altgilbers, a freshman, said that he thinks the program is well made and he enjoys it.

“I do not know about the other students, but I really enjoy this program. It is well suited for me because of the pace and how I feel supported because my teachers push me to do my best.”

One student Pranav Prasad said that he hopes that incoming ECA students took more time to reflect on their grades.

“One thing I would tell incoming students is to work hard and make smart choices so their grades will be good. It is one of the ways that you can be very successful in this program.”