A fulfilling Student

Josee Hoshaw is a freshman that is in the ECA program and part of the debate team. Last weekend Hoshaw and her debate partner went to State debate and they received a score of 3-3. That is incredibly surprising since this is the first year that Hoshaw has ever done debate.

When it comes to debate Hoshaw said that the overall happiness that flows through her when she wins a round is what made her come to love debate.

“Being able to give a good speech is a really fulfilling feeling. Being on the debate team is so fun. It allows me to see the different sides of arguments and it is even better when I win.”

She went on to note that winning and even placing in a debate tournament is even more incredible. Something that she feels like she would not have been able to accomplish without her partner.

 “It is just a feeling that you are able to get when you are in the moment and when you know that you have done a good job.”

Not only is Hoshaw part of the debate team she is also part of the 50 students that are in the ECA program for this year’s freshman.

Hoshaw said that being in ECA is very special. What makes it so incredible are the people she got to meet. Another thing that she said was worth mentioning was how she feels better knowing that she helped her parents save money while still in school.

“ECA is really cool because we are saving so much money and we get to be enrolled at Friends at the same time.”

Hoshaw said that because it is just 50 students that she feels like she can make closer connections to them and that at the end of the day they are just one big family.