Work time Wednesdays

A lot of things are being switched around because of the Coronavirus. In addition to students’ classes being switched to online, the schedule has been slightly changed.


For the most part, the schedule will look exactly the same as it did last quarter, except for Wednesdays.


The Board of Education voted on Monday that from now on, students will have shorter than normal Wednesdays. Classes will only be an hour long, and there will be no advocacy. So, the students’ day will end at 12:10. 


Principal, Eric Hofer-Holdeman, addressed this new change by saying “The hope is this extra time will help students (and staff) stay on top of their school work and remain successful.”


Renee Amaya, is taking advantage of this time she has.


“Wednesdays being shorter will hopefully give us more time to work on assignments we’ve procrastinated on,” Amaya said.