Why Voting Matters

The 2020 elections have been all over the news. In the United States especially we see how divided the country is with this year’s presidential candidates. People from either political side will say that their candidate is the better option for the future of America. Even though they are on a different side of the political spectrum, they both believe in the fact that votes matter.

Today November 3, 2020, is election day. Voting matters because it decides who is the future President as well as Vice President of the country. With that in mind, whichever candidate is voted this year will be the ones to try to place their guidelines in action. In the end, IT ALL COMES DOWN TO THE VOTES. In the past few years, 13 states have been recognized as “swing states”. Some of them include Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Colorado, and Florida. What the term “swing state” means is that these states have very close numbers with each political party. These states also have the likely hood of changing political parties every election. Take in example Florida, for the 2016 elections the state had a percentage of 49 votings for the republican party and 47.82 percent voting for the democratic party. This is a clear representation of how votes matter. Even if there was a slight increase in the democratic party candidate for that year it could have caused the massive change. There has been a long history of the need to recount votes in several elections because of “swing states”. This proves the statement that every single vote matters.

How does Kansas play a role in this? Kansas has had a long record of having most of the population vote for one main political party. It is the republican party. Since 1861 Kansas has had 45 governors. 32 being republicans. Currently, 45 percent of the registered voters in Kansas are registered as republicans. Although these statistics are stating that Kansas is a mostly red state, that does not mean that it does not have the ability to vote blue. If we take governors into account, then this should be the prime year that Kansas can turn blue. This because Governor Laura Kelly is a democrat. At the end of the day, what matters most of all is that citizens vote. Does not matter which political party they vote for all that matters is that their voices are heard.

At the end of the day, the elections are always going to be big news. The way you can support your candidate is by registering to vote and then voting for who you want.  Do not let other people tell you who to vote for, stand by who you want. Stand by who you believe will create the best impact in America. Even if you are not of age if you are older than 16 you can help by being a poll worker. Let your voice be heard.