For the love: Valentine’s Day hits Northwest

Love it or not, February is here. Valentine’s Day this year went according to rule; happy kids with chocolate and teddy bears running through the halls, and less happy kids with nothing. Either way, Valentine’s Day always brings about thoughts of our loved ones and how to show them our appreciation. In Northwest High School, we see a variety of opinions on the holiday.

Sophomore couple Sidney Smith and Avery Cather spent quality time together. They have been together for a year now and Smith feels he doesn’t have to stress too much about what to get her. He got her a stuffed dinosaur, because that’s all she said she wanted. Smith’s opinion on this holiday? He likes it because it gives him a chance to “be romantic.”

Another notable pair freshmen Alisa Voshell and Kevin Holder are also fond of Valentine’s Day. Though they didn’t have any special plans, they enjoyed spending the day together. They have been together for six months and are happy with their relationships. On the topic of Valentine’s Day in general she says,“ its pretty cool” and she likes the candy.

Students are not the only ones who have opinions on Valentine’s Day. In contrast to the students, Spanish teacher Courtney Wilson does not care too much about it. Although Wilson and her husband have been married three and a half years and are deeply in love, they do not think that their love should be celebrated through a holiday. “Personally for me,” Wilson says, “I think of Valentine’s Day as another way for Hallmark to make money off of sappy cards and flowers. If you really love some one, you show them all year.”

Whether you like Valentine’s Day or not, it continues to come every year. If nothing else it usually brings fluffy stuffed animals and heart shaped boxes filled with chocolate.