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The Student Voice of Wichita Northwest High School

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The Student Voice of Wichita Northwest High School

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Student juggles multiple school activities

Anna Rasynouvong

Anna Rasynouvong is in many extracurricular activities including the ECA program, the crochet club, and was in wrestling as of last year.

 What is it like being on the wrestling team?

Being on the wrestling team is really nice because since you’re all putting in the work together everyone gets to know each other and really bond during practice.”

How is the new crochet club going?

“It’s going pretty good; we’re thinking about having some sales soon and we’ve been everyone the basics and everyone really likes it so far.”

How involved are you with the yearbook making?

I would say I’m pretty involved, recently I’ve been posting some of the Meet the Staff Mondays. I help take pictures and I help edit pages.”

What kind of difficulties have you had being in ECA?

Mostly just having all these clubs being during 9th hour and then us not having a 9th hour, the issue with that is that I live 20 minutes away from the school so it’s a hassle every single time.”

Would you say being in so many extracurricular activities is hard to do on top of your work load?

It’s definitely a lot to take on, I try to balance it out and try not to procrastinate but it is really easy to just put aside your work, I do get easily distracted when I do but it’s worth it.”

How has coming to a new school with some old, some new classmates been?

It’s been pretty good, I have a lot of classes with some of my friends from middle school and I have met a lot of great people here, so it’s really not that bad.”

What type of workload are you getting from ECA?

The type of workload I’m getting I chose myself, with being in honors and AP Euro that’s something I kind of took on myself so it’s kind of hard for me to say how hard it is for other ECA students. I think I’m handling it some what well

Do you like your honors and AP classes?

Yeah, I really like my honors classes because everyone is easy to work with and I love hearing everyone’s responses.”

What is theatre like?

Theatre is really fun, I really enjoy when everyone just bonds and gets together before a show and after the second or third show you all go to IHOP as a tradition.”

Do you enjoy wrestling and would continue doing this next year?

“I actually was really surprised that I enjoyed wrestling, it’s something I did and it really helped me get out of my comfort zone, I didn’t do it this year because of all my extracurriculars I’m in,  but I plan to do it when I’m able to drive and have more time on my hands. I do recommend it.”

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