Y.E 2nd Annual Kickball Game

Y.E, Youth Entrepreneurs, is a class Northwest offers to Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors. The class teaches students the basics of starting and running a business, this includes the learning of COGS, revenue streams, business plans, etc. There are currently two classes of Y.E at Northwest, one ran by Chris Lambert and the other ran by Gavin Darr. The class to say the least requires a lot of effort for the students, so last year after everything was said and done both teachers pooled together and formed a game to reward students for all of their hard work. They decided that a kickball match would be held between the two classes in order to give them a fun way to wind down. However this would have the unintentional effect of creating a sort of joking rivalry between Darr and Lambert after Darr’s team won the first year of kickball.

This year Lambert was determined to win and so when the game commenced he hyped up his class. Running them through rules, and just ensuring that  above all else they were having fun. Since Lambert had lost the previous year, his team was up to kick first. They got off to a phenomenal start as the first kicker slammed the ball across the field. Allowing for the first kicker to make it straight to second base.  The game continued with a back and forth pattern, one team would score 2 or 3 points the other team would score 1-2.  By the middle of the match Darr’s team was 2 point behind Lambert’s, and the pressure was kept up. The next kicker, and first of his inning, Johnny Huynh hit a straight shot right through the defenses of Darr’s team. Allowing Lambert’s team to get a free home-run, driving the score up by one more. Momentum from there continued and it seemed like the match had been settled.  In the end Lambert held their lead and won the 2nd Annual Y.E Kickball game with a final score of 9-7. Although Darr’s team lost, both teams enjoyed themselves with lots of laugh and overall positive energy in the air. 

“I’d say overall it was pretty fun and very engaging, it was a good way to end off the year,” said Sam Hohman student Lambert’s class.

Johnny Huynh preparing to kick the ball as it rolls towards him.