In depth look of the grizzlies receiving core!


Northwest the past couple of years have had a good group of wide receivers to throw to. With many receivers leaving, others have had to step up. The Northwest receiver core is expected to be explosive and show signs of great speed. The receiving squad has built a nice core with many returning players expected to have bigger roles.


Trenton Salisbury (11) has shown great potential and sees himself getting many reps and being a consistent target. Randall Bell (12) who used to play quarterback then switched to receiver is very excited for the new season.


 “The way we’re able to adjust this year, and mess with the defense will make us really nice this year,” Bell stated when asked about his wide receiver group.


 Michael Lopez, who is the receivers coach’s son, is expected to have a big role on the team this year. Many of his teammates have said his speed is incredible and has explosive acceleration.


Kealis Miles has another bright spot in the receiving core. His broad body type and athletic skills will make him a force on the Grizzlies offense.


When asking Miles some of his personal goals this year he stated “I want to overall become a better blocker for my teammates, so I can be as two dimensional as possible. And I want to have a reception each game of the season.” Miles is a great example of a team player and the Grizzlies are glad to have him.

With the season starting very soon, fans and students will be able to see all of what the receivers can put on the table.