A United Volleyball Team

Athletes often say that their team feels like a family, but for this year’s varsity volleyball team, it was more than a feeling. The team had something happen to them that has never occurred before. This year there are three pairs of sisters all playing for the girls’ varsity volleyball team ranging all the way from freshman to senior.  

Freshman Camdyn Stucky said her bond with her sister, junior Caiya Stucky has deepened by having her as a teammate.

 “We have been close our whole lives but being on the high school volleyball team brings something totally new. Our relationship has grown so much, and I am so thankful for that,” Camdyn said. 

 Camdyn said she values this volleyball season since it is one of two that she gets to spend alongside her sister. The other sibling sets on the team were also very positive about how this experience impacts their relationships. They all mentioned that if all of them did not play for the same team, they felt as if the bond of the whole team had would have drastically changed.

 “Having these sisters on our team definitely makes practices and honestly all of our time together so much more fun. Our whole team has grown to become family,” sophomore Daetyn Bogle said.

Daetyn and her sister Brailee Bogle both play for the varsity team. The both agreed that their connection is on another level since they have been playing together for five years. The sisters said they think the amount of time they have played together helps them understand each other on and off the court.

The other set of siblings on the team this year are the Corcoran sisters, Jacqueline and Jaicee.  Jacqueline is a freshman while her sister Jaicee is a senior. Jacqueline said she was grateful for the board of education’s decision to allow fall sports so that she didn’t lose her only chance to be on the team with Jaicee. 

The best thing about having my sister on the team is knowing there is always someone to push you and knowing that we can’t take this season for granted. We didn’t think we would get to play at first and that made both Jaicee and I really upset knowing this is our only year to get to play together, so when we got our season back we knew that we had to make it special.

The team ended their season as sub-state champions and in the top eight of the state in the 6A category with a record of 14-2. According to coach Adriana Leake, all of the other teams at state had gotten to play over 30 games this season while Northwest had played fewer games due to the late start for their season.

Leake said having sisters really modeled to the rest of the team how they could have strong disagreements, as siblings sometimes do, but then come back together. And she appreciated the increased communication.

“It was nice because in a lot of ways the team chemistry was already built in,” Leake said.

Three sets of siblings played on this year’s varsity volleyball team. The team won their 6A sub-state championship. (Courtesy Adriana Leake)