Group Membership Requires Effort

In most cases when people sign up for things, they expect them to be easy and simple and that is because of society glamorizing and only showing what people want to see. Advertisers may show the good and don’t think to mention the challenges of these activities till it’s too late, so the people watching or listening play into the challenges that it has with what’s being advertised. 

Some activities that may take more effort than students expect include AVID, ECA, theatre groups, book clubs, and other extracurricular activities.

Something to keep in mind is that everything takes work. The thing to note is how much effort you’re willing to put into something to get the desired outcome. For example, you get into a program that will help you out in the long run with college but the thing you forget is the effort it takes to stay in the program. Most times people just seem to stop and give up when things get difficult because we as adults and children are told by the people with more power or knowledge that it is okay, however is not the only reason. When it comes to school, most students seem to focus better in the actual classroom. Some students end up dropping out because they don’t see a point in what they are being told to do.

Most of the students are pushing themselves to make it through school even though it’s online and may be more difficult to focus. These students show everyone in the long run that no matter how tough things get, putting in the effort is important. Students who start small and build themselves up and become leaders are the people who send positive messages to the ones that are scared to start from nothing. These people are life changers in one way or another, and that’s something important to realize. Signing up and getting accepted into something thinking it is going to be easy because that’s how it seems is the wrong mindset to have.

Going into something having the wrong mindset can easily lead to failure. High school and college students tend to drop out for multiple reasons. Some learners may feel they are too far behind academically to catch up and feel as if they don’t have their teachers by their side, while others may have problems at home. Whatever the reason, many support systems exist such as counselors, after-school groups, tutoring in-school and out of school tutoring, and teachers to help students stay in school and earn diplomas or degrees; most students just won’t reach out to those support systems to know they are there.

It’s important to realize what you’re signing up for and why you are doing it whether that may be for money, an education, or just for fun. People are watching you in public when you make a bold move, you could be a life-changer too.