What precautions should be taken with non mask wearers.

Due to Covid-19 people are required to wear mask in a public place. There are still people who refuse to wear a mask in the store. It’s a requirement but every once and a while you’ll see people without a mask. Do they have a point to not wear one? What should happen to them? Is there other things mask can do?

It is a requirement to wear masks in public whether someone’s at a gas station, the store, or a restaurant. Mask may not make a person immune to Covid-19 but it helps lower the risk of them getting it. It helps keep people safe and healthy.

For people who don’t wear mask when they are supposed to I feel like there should be proper action taken. I feel if someone doesn’t wear a mask in a public place, anyone who works there should ask them calmly to wear a mask or leave. If they refuse to leave they should be denied service. Now if someone starts causing a huge scene the worker should just leave them alone to stop any possible physical confrontation. 

People who don’t wear mask should really look at the unnecessary trouble they are causing. For the thirty minuets of wearing a mask in a store isn’t bad if its helping keep people safe from the pandemic. Wearing a mask is not only helping you but others. 

Wearing a mask can do more than help keep you safe from a pandemic. Mask can help keep your face warm in the winter. Little kids who have allergies don’t quite understand how important it is to sneeze in your arm or tissue. So wearing a mask can help block that sneeze. Wearing a mask can help in so many different ways. 

Wearing a mask is important and if people refuse to there should be proper precautions taken.