Top 10 Anime Recommendations for Non-Anime Watchers

Have you never watched any anime but want to know where to start? Well I have compiled a list of 10 animes in no particular order that I think beginners should start off their anime journey with.


  1. Attack On Titan

Genre: Action, dark fantasy, post-apocalyptic 

Status: Ongoing 

Where to Watch: Netflix and Hulu (I’ve watched almost all of these animes with a really good ad free anime website called but don’t let the government know that-)

Reasoning: This is a legendary anime. It has gorgeous art and animation, you get connected with characters straight away and the plot is captivating. Definitely a recommendation for someone wanting a good series to get sucked into.


  1. My Hero Academia

Genre: Adventure, fantasy, superhero

Status: Ongoing

Where to watch: Hulu and Amazon Prime

Reasoning: Chances are that you’ve heard of this anime even without watching it. This anime has gotten so famous that it’s known worldwide and has millions of dedicated fans. And it has such a big following for a reason. The storytelling is beautiful, again, gorgeous art and animation, and the show is packed full of charming characters. In fact, my favorite anime character of all time comes from this very show. An all around astounding show.


  1. Haikyuu!!

Genre: Comedy, coming-of-age, Sports (volleyball)

Status: Ongoing (only anime)

Where to Watch: Hulu and Netflix

Reasoning: Much like My Hero Academia, this show also has a loyal audience. While these loveable and charming characters play volleyball, they learn the importance of teamwork, friendship, and determination. Definitely a recommendation if you’re wanting a really well made sports anime or just want to chill.


  1. Death Note

Genre: Mystery, psychological thriller

Status: Finished

Where to Watch: Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime

Reasoning: I’d say that this is what a lot of people start off with. It is extremely well known in the anime community and gained a very large fandom. It’s pretty iconic, in my opinion. Definitely a must-watch.


  1. Hunter x Hunter

Genre: Adventure and fantasy

Status: Ongoing

Where to watch: Netflix and Hulu

Reasoning: The plot is well paced and engaging with tons of charming characters to meet along the way. Definitely a recommendation if you’re looking for a longer anime to watch.


  1. The Promised Neverland

Genre: Thriller and dark fantasy

Status: Finished

Where to Watch: Netflix and Hulu

Reasoning: Immediately sucks you in by episode one. You’ll always be on the edge of your seat to find out what happens next.


  1. Banana Fish

Genre: Action, crime thriller

Status: Finished

Where to Watch: Amazon Prime

Reasoning: Absolutely amazing storytelling and characters you can’t help but love. WARNING: Do not watch this anime if you don’t want to be crying for days.


  1. A Silent Voice

Genre: Drama and romance

Status: Finished

Where to Watch: Netflix and Amazon Prime

Reasoning: This is the first movie on this list, but it absolutely deserves to be here, With beautiful and smooth animation, gorgeous sound track and extremely well voice-acted characters, they all get put together to make a story that will pull on anyone’s heartstrings.


  1. Yuri!!! On Ice

Genre: Sports (figure skating)

Status: Ongoing (there’s a movie coming out soon!)

Where to Watch: Crunchyroll

Reasoning: I sometimes wish I could go back to when I had never watched this series before so I could experience it all over again. The way these two men express their love for each other when they’re out on the ice is more beautiful than what I can say in words. Just please go watch it, you won’t regret it.


  1. Demon Slayer

Genre: Adventure fiction, dark fantasy

Status: Ongoing (there’s a movie coming out for this as well!!)

Where to Watch: Hulu

Reasoning: This is another one of those animes that has you hooked by episode one and makes just wanna keep watch. And in my opinion, this has one of the most beautiful art styles in all of anime. 20 out of 10, it’s fantastic.