Supplies scarce in stores during Covid-19

Covid-19 cases are on the rise once again. Things that people need to fulfill their basic needs are flying off the shelves. People are starting stock up in fear of another shut down.

Limits are slowly starting to be put into to the works. Limits are starting to be put on toilet paper and paper towels where you can only buy one of each. Things like beef, pork, and chicken are starting to have limits as well. Slowly soda is starting to get limits at Dillon’s and Sam’s. 

Toilet paper is flying off the shelves like it did earlier in the year. Stores like Walmart, Dillon’s, and Costco are stocked with plenty of toilet paper in variety of brands. Sam’s on the other hand are struggling to keep toilet paper on the shelves. Once toilet paper is put on the shelves it’s gone within minuets. 

Canned food like beans, fruits, vegetables, and soup are almost impossible to find on a daily basis. Throughout the week it gets harder to find can food. It’s better to go get canned food on days a store stocks so you have a better selection before things start to disappear. 

Believe it or not soda is getting harder to find during the pandemic. Popular brands like Pepsi, Coke, and Sprite are getting harder to find at stores like Costco and Sam’s. Stores like Walmart and Dillon’s are stocked on the popular brands but non popular brands like lemonade are almost impossible to get your hands on.

The lack of materials to fulfill basic needs are one of the many problems that Covid-19 has caused.