Netflix vs. Hulu: a head to head comparison

Although Hulu is a great app to watch your favorite movies and tv shows on, Netflix is the best. Imagine having to only pay one monthly fee to get all the shows and movies on the app ad free vs. having to pay a monthly fee and pay for every other streaming network you may possibly want for non-ad free movies and tv shows. Which would you choose? Yeah, me too. I would choose the one where I only pay one fee for all the shows and movies on the app ad free. Which app might that be? Netflix.

Although Hulu is the better choice for streaming TV networks you must pay individually for each network you want monthly and the price can add up quick and just to top it off not all things are ad free but with Netflix you only pay one monthly fee to receive ad free movies and shows. All the shows the app could possibly have are already on there so there is no need to pay for any extra subscriptions. The price you pay in the end for Netflix is by far way cheaper than what someone would pay for Hulu to watch all the possible movies and shows on there. Imagine how frustrating it could be to open your Hulu and look up a movie that you heard is on there just to realize that in order to watch that movie you have been looking forward to seeing you have to pay an extra $15 dollars a month and you must watch ads. But with Netflix you hear about a movie that was just released on there and you can know that you will be able to watch it without paying any extra money and it will be ad free.

Another main reason that Netflix is better than Hulu is because unlike Hulu Netflix will come out with a whole season at once instead of releasing one episode per week like Hulu does. Although Netflix will release a shows seasons later than Hulu you can binge watch them all at once instead of only getting to watch one per week.  Just to top it off Netflix has a lot more original movies with up-and-coming actors, so you get to support those who are just now starting their dream career in acting instead of supporting the actors that are already receiving millions and millions of dollars and already have a huge fan base.

Netflix is the best option overall especially if you are on a budget. They don’t always have every movie that you would like to watch or every tv show but at least you are guaranteed an ad free movie/ tv show and you know that you won’t have to pay for an extra subscription just to watch a movie you heard was on there.