Apple technology goes downhill with the death of Steve Jobs

Well it looks like October has rolled around and you all are sporting the new Apple iPhone 5. As for me, I am currently using the Samsung Galaxy SII Skyrocket, one that is no longer for sale thanks to  Apple.
Some of you may be aware of the lawsuit that went down about a month ago between Apple and Samsung. Apparently Samsung “infringed” on Apple’s ideas. Three of the main patents include the pinch to zoom feature, the scrolling bounce back (if you scroll too far the screen bounces back to the top) and the phone being rectangular in shape with rounded sides.
Really? Apple is going to sue for a shape? Looks like Samsung should start making circular phones.
Apple is really good at talking but not so good at backing up what they claim. They claimed at the release announcement for the iPhone 5 that it was “like nothing you’ve ever seen before.”
I for one, beg to differ.
One of the main features Apple  bragged about was the new iCloud tab syncing for their Safari browser. It is where you can save your tabs from your phone and open them on your Mac. Google Chrome has had their app that allows you to sync tabs on your Android phone for over three months now. Oh, and the new processor (the a6 processor) in the iPhone 5 functions just as well as the quad-core processor that is becoming standard in most Android phones now; both are really fast and both have about one GB of RAM (random access memory). Quad-core phones have been around for a while, so it is really nothing new.
For the first time in forever, the iPhone has received a larger screen: a whopping four inches. Not to brag, but the new Samsung Galaxy Note II has a five and a half inch screen. I mean I do think that it is great for Apple users to get a taste of the bigger screen, but it also has caused some problems. It has increased the screen ratio on the phone to a 16:9 ratio, a widescreen basically that is perfect for watching movies but not so good for anything else. One major problem is that the apps on the App Store aren’t designed for that ratio yet, so you will have to get used to playing Temple Run with black bars above and below the game.
I’m not upset that Apple has decided to update a few things and change its shape ,but changing the power port? The power cord has changed from the old 30 pin connector to their new “Lightning connector” which is smaller with only nine pins. Now everyone who has an iHome and the iPhone 5 has to spend $30 on an adapter just to use their speakers again.
Since the whole feud between Apple and Samsung, Apple has tried to release its dependability on other systems, one of them being Google because Google is the creator of Android. Since then, Apple has completely stopped using Google maps and has moved on to their own version.
The only problem is that the maps are wrong. In many articles that I have read it states that their maps are missing major streets in some larger cities, when you search for a “famous world-wide” city, some other country you never heard of comes up and somehow new airports and restaurants have popped up all over the world. Now I know that this is Apple’s first time in developing a map–but still.
I know most probably think that I am an Apple hater right now, but in all honesty, Apple is really good at what they do. Macs are really good for music and photos and if I were to pursue a career in one of those areas I would probably highly consider getting a Mac and an iPhone. In fact, most of this article was typed on a Mac, this newspaper was laid out on a Mac, yet the articles are typed in Google Drive and were opened with Google Chrome.
The problem that I have with Apple products is that they are so reclusive and try to monopolize everything. No one has sued Apple for changing to 4g LTE or even switching from computers to phones, yet Apple sues for simple shapes. Everyone has given Apple their space when it comes to what they develop, and I wish that Apple would be just as considerate.